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Facilitating education for adult students is an important focus of "High School Your Way!", as many of the potential students using our site are looking to finish High School and earn their diploma. Many have found the right school to help them achieve the education that life may have interrupted. This is why our educational philosophy leans towards freedom of information and thus freedom of choice. The andragogic methodology of education fits well with the online or distance learning program offered by schools included in the "High School Your Way!" Directory.  When choosing the right school or program, pay careful attention to the teaching method used. For example: Andragogy is the antonym of pedagogy. In pedagogy, the concern is with transmitting the content, while in andragogy, the concern is with facilitating the acquisition of the content. Andragogy is a theory developed by Knowles (1913-97) which differentiates the needs of adult learners from those of juveniles and uses the term andragogy to describe the specific methods which should be employed in the education of adults. The Online High School programs offered at many schools make the educational process leading to a high school diploma attainable by students without the need to attend class physically. While this is an excellent opportunity for some, others may not find success in such a system and may wish to pursue a more traditional classroom based program.

Many of our sponsor schools offer both traditional classroom based programs as well as more progressive online programs that allow more independence but also require more discipline on the part of the student and parents to ensure the curriculum is followed. In addition to online or classroom based programs many schools also offer parents tools and resources to carry out Home based schooling or Home School. There are over 100,000+ school listings on the site with statistics for each school and student/parent comments grading both schools and the teachers at those schools. We welcome the opinions posted as they help others make better and more informed decisions about where to go to school. Programs should meet the requirements outlined by the state that the school is based in. As an example, in Florida, High School programs must meet the recommended guidelines found in both the Sun Shine State Standards (SSS) and Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) for High School level education. Upon compliance, the School is eligible to receive funds from the Office of Student Financial Assistance, Florida Resident Scholarship and Grant Programs. Be sure that the school or program you choose meets the recommended content of both the Sun Shine State Standards (SSS) and Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). Typically online and classroom based programs require the same credit requirement. Taking Florida as an example once again, the credit requirement for High School graduation is 24 credits for grades 9-12. One credit is earned for 2 semesters of study or in most cases one year. Any high school courses or credits completed previously by the student may be transferred to the recipient High School program.

Benefits of earning your High School Diploma Online:

Affordable Education is a Human Right as indicated in the Declaration of Human Rights. High School Your Way is committed to remove the barriers to education not just nationally but also internationally. One limitation can be cost which is why having access to a listing of all public and private schools can be beneficial especially for students who, because of age, may no longer be eligible for free public education programs. Many schools have flexible payment plans and financial assistance to help students chart a path to complete their education.

Convenient: There are no classes to attend in online learning. Many times there are no books to buy or material to purchase. Each Online course contains all the reading materials, assignments tests, lessons and lectures. You will have the freedom to decide when and where it is convenient for you to study and most importantly at what pace.

New Opportunities: Becoming a High School graduate can open an endless amount of possibilities for you. Thousands of graduates have continued their education by enrolling in career schools, colleges, and universities across the nation. Many graduates have also qualified for higher paying jobs that require a valid High School diploma..

Flexible, Fun and Easy! Earning your High School Diploma has never been easier and more fun than with so many High School's offering online or home study programs. Have a question while you're researching schools? Fill out a Request Info form and we will match you to the best schools to fit your educational needs.

Accelerated Learning: Year round program availability and academic assistance give you the opportunity to study. Many of our sponsor schools offer true rolling enrollment and self-pacing so students can start anytime and get credit immediately upon completing a course. In a classroom setting, as well as many other online programs, students are required to complete the same assignments at the same time and wait until the end of the semester to start the next course. Now High School students, have a personalized set of assignments that fit their goals and ability level.

World Class Online Library: At one of our sponsor schools, AIU High School, 30 million full text journals articles and periodicals from 2859 professional publications, over 40,000 e-books, and 121 million bibliographical references, are only a click away and form part of the content available at their Virtual Campus. This type of access to learning materials is reshaping Education can be delivered making it accessible to more students than ever before.